Save the content you see online so that you can read it later


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Pocket is a Google Chrome extension that is designed to allow you to save any web content that you want so that you can access it later.

There are times when you find articles or videos while you're working and you can't stop to read or watch them. Thanks to this tool, you can 'put them on ice' so that you can look at them later, even if you don't have an internet connection.

The interface is very straightforward and the app is very easy-to-use. You just have to add the URL of what you want to see later and it will be saved on the main screen of the extension.

You can view the stored content according to the different categories into which it is divided. You can view everything that you have stored in Pocket, or just see the saved videos, images or articles.

One great thing about Pocket is that it allows you to automatically synchronize your phone, tablet and computer so that you can access the content whenever and wherever you want.
By Erin Teske